Ashes of a fading hope

Episode 4: Anarchy in the UK

Moonjava and Basilica have a plan: create a distraction, catch the murderer.

While Julian escorts the council to Inverness and Moonjava rides the train to the edge of the city, Basilica decides to set up the demoleculiser in the sanctum. To get the giant nuclear-powered monstrosity from the physics lab to its new home he goes for the most sensible plan: Get some students to drag it along on wooden rollers!

At this point, the GM interjects that this is a stupid idea. Basilica does not care. The GM says not to do it. Basilica does not care. The GM pleads with him. Basilica does not care.

Returning to the sanctum, Moonjava is horrified when a few hours later the BBC reports a terrorist event near Whitehall. Pretending to be a CIA agent he succeeds in convincing the SAS to merely capture Basilica (at the cost of the lives of five students)instead of killing him.

Moonjava is caught out in his ruse. This leads to fighting for his life from Prince Philip: servant of the Exarchs, barely escaping. Meanwhile a kneecapped Basilica has a bad case of paradox, drastically ageing a large chunk of a military hospital/prison and its inhabitants. Long story short, he gets rescued and the council is forced to flee the country.

Next Week on Ashes of a Fading Hope: Werewolves! Metal! Nobody is going to die!



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