Ashes of a fading hope

Episode Three: We Have a Plot Now...

Our adventure resumes where it left off; with our heroes confronted in the pub by an infuriated Dave. Lisa, he explained, had gone missing. No, he didn’t know where she could have gone. No, he thought she had been with Basilica and Moonjava. No, he didn’t know why Moonjava had beheld a great red eye upon trying to scry for Lisa and being catapulted out of his seat. These were all very good questions with which to commence an adventure!
That adventure was suddenly sidetracked, however, when the senior mage Orias approached our intrepid duo with more unfortunate news. Balam, another senior mage, had been murdered in a grisly fashion by an unknown assailant. Basilica was quickly promoted to fill his seat on the Council, and just as quickly delegated the task of investigating the murder along with Moonjava. Putting their werewolf allies to one side for a moment, our heroes opted for the adventure inflicted upon them by authority instead.
They were sent via a one-way portal to Balam’s Sanctum, where they discovered his mutilated form and a curious copy of the Lesser Key of Solomon – a copy with Balam’s own page torn out. Basilica employed all of his magical might and prodigious prowess to ascertain that (A) there had been a murder, and (B) that Balam had probably died of the shock of being torn open. Basilica then proceeded to beat his head against a wall, while Moonjava made contact with the guardian of the Sanctum’s corridor, an alligator with a sword for a face. Throughout a lengthy questioning, our heroes determined that the guardian ad detected no intruders from the corridor, clashing with Orias’s own account of events. The guardian, being limited in its function, was unable to provide much more.
Leaving the Sanctum proved problematic, however, when the door leading to the exit remained out of reach despite constant running, and attempts to circumvent this with portals by Moonjava only resulted in gravity flipping and him injuring himself on the guardian’s face. A spiteful follow-up attack only resulted in Moonjava injuring his hand on the guardian’s face, which was when our heroes decided that the Sanctum had lost its charm, and proceeded to attempt to leave with another portal.
Things became peculiar at this point. Our heroes apparently emerged into the pub, and tried to spirit Moonjava away to a hospital. The nearest turned out to be their university’s own teaching hospital, which was currently host to Rolf Harris presenting a Moonjava-centric version of Animal Hospital. Sequential events involved Basilica shocking the wounds on Moonjava into cauterisation, Rolf Harris wheeling Moonjava through a field of orphans and spiders, Fascist Jack putting on a concert for said orphans, Moonjava becoming utterly entranced by Rolf, and Basilica only belatedly realising that they were likely to be trapped in some sort of illusion. He was able to shock himself and Moonjava out of it, discovering that they had been induced into the illusory state by the aliigator guardian, which Moonjava promptly killed.
Escaping, they finally got Moonjava to a proper hospital, and discovered in their absence that not had another senior mage, Valefor, been killed in an even grislier fashion, but that a general election was in progress. Orias brought them to the scene of Valefor’s blood-eagling, where they once discovered a torn copy of the Lesser Key of Solomon. Determining other missing pages, they were able to pinpoint Amon as the next victim. They arrived at his Sanctum, but were repelled by an unseen force, and were unable to prevent him from being killed by the mysterious assailant.
Emergency measures were taken. The entire Council, including several archmages, were relocated to the living room of Basilica and Moonjava’s Sanctum. A happy evening was whiled away with the Council and the gradually-sexier vampire Jeffrey on time-shifted copies of the seven Star Wars movies. Events came to an unhappy close, however, when one of the archmages – one Belzebuth – was discovered decapitated and partially flushed down the Sanctum’s bathroom during a brief moment of separation. Panic ensued. Plans for roping the mages together like ducklings were drawn up and implemented. It was clearly time to bring the werewolves back into events.
Our two heroes got Dave’s agreement to act as a sort-of-guard for the mages, while Julian went off to investigate the deaths of the mages on his own. Baslica and Moonjava met up with him later in Amon’s Sanctum, after hearing about the news of the general election’s results. The Conservative and Unionist Party had carried the day, and one Margaret Thatcher had become Prime Minister. This could only bode well.
Upon returning to their Sanctum, however, the situation turned from debatably-terrible to definitely-terrible. The mages had been attacked and blinded, Buer had been killed, and Dave lay dying and broken. Investigating the Polaroid he had managed to take in his last moments, our heroes saw an image that only raised more questions than it provided answers.
Lisa, next to the glimpsed great red eye.
Next week, on Ashes of a Fading Hope:
“Don’t worry! Everyone knows spiders are notoriously averse to nitroglycerine!”
“What part of ‘Quick, distract the Queen!’ sounded like TELEPORT HER TO THE BLOODY MOON?!”
“Are you all they can muster, Heroes of London? I feel almost sorry for you. But I still intend to enjoy this.”



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