Ashes of a fading hope

Episodes 5 and 6: In the Year of the Wolf

Our adventure, spanning two sessions, began with renowned rock-musician Lemmy and his giant country cousin Kevin chilling in their London flat. The skies were clear, the bustle of elections was over, some tit had just tried to cart a nuclear device through central London, and Lemmy had recently acquired the arm of Prince Phillip after a mage had brought part of him through a portal. Life was at a happy and alcohol-soaked plateau for the two werewolves.
Chaos came their way, however, when they noticed one night that they were being observed. Their stalker fled upon discovery, and Lemmy, mounted atop Kevin’s huge wolf form, gave hot pursuit. Laying the pursued low with a Jack Daniels bottle, they interrogated their captive; one Sandra from the University of London, who had taken an interest in the supernatural nature of the two.
Taking her back to the university, there they discovered the unconscious form of Lisa Nietzsche – who had gone missing several days prior – and the abominable spirits that lurked within the university’s Physics Lab. Burning the lab down as they left, they made their way back to their flat, leaving Sandra behind and taking Lisa with them.
Upon her awakening and Kevin’s failed attempts to fabricate an automated insulting gesture from Prince Phillip’s detached arm, they migrated to the local Leaky Cauldron to meet up with Julian, pausing for a brief takeover of the building. During this process, Lemmy was attacked and knocked out by a man claiming to be the boyfriend of the missing Sandra, and the police arrived with intent to reclaim the pub for its rightful owner.
After this escapade, Lemmy and Kevin resolved to assist with the current troubles in London, lacking anything better to do. They searched along approximately the same routes taken by Lisa in her unremembered travels, encountering little but a lisping vampire and Jeffrey the Still-Sexy Vampire, and scheduled an appointment with the Baroness of the Underground for the coming Tuesday.
Leaving the Underground, it was decided that they needed to get more information from Julian. A fetch-quest ensued, when the barkeep with Julian’s details required the pair to pay back their prodigious bar tabs. They need to raise money, and the most convenient source seemed to lie in stolen jewellery. The first place they enquired after had previously been visited by Lisa and Basilica, and provided nothing but the wail of an alarm when they broke in.
Seeking out another store, they instead found the Bullingdon Club – mortal Hunters, devotees of Ashwood Abbey, and headed by the feckless student trio of David Cameron, George Osborne, and Boris Johnson. They recognised our heroes for what they were, and charged on the open street.
Battle ensued, and a mighty battle it was, with two slavering and ferocious Garou-forms pitted against schoolboys with sticks and silver butter-knives. Kevin was wounded early and horrifically, while Lemmy tore off Cameron’s head and shattered the spine of another. Kevin, taking damage from all comers, managed to rip open Johnson’s throat; while Lemmy succumbed to a berserker Death-Rage and scorned the silverware of the Osbornes in cutting down Osborne. Victory, and with it the annihilation of the Bullingdon Club and incalculable knock-on effects on future British politics, emerged. But at a bloody cost. Lemmy was grievously wounded, and Kevin was killed.
Julian, Lisa, Lemmy, and the local police commissioner, a fellow werewolf, reunited to attend to the traditional werewolf funeral rites. Kevin was set adrift down the Thames in a burning boat to the chorus of howling werewolves.
Their duty done, they withdrew into the night of London once more. The shadows had grown darker, and their adversaries – whoever they may be – were still at large. London was dying, and with them alone rested any chance of healing her.
Meanwhile, Kevin awoke to find himself on the middle of the Thames in a flaming boat.
This would likely prove to be problematic.



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